By: Queenie Resmundo

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Gift-giving has always been a tradition during holiday season in ComCo SEA. More than choosing who to give something special to, our company always puts into consideration the value of our gifts as well as story behind it.

ComCo Southeast Asia always thinks of giving something that has a story to tell – something that is more than meets the eye and, most importantly, useful for everyone. In 2016, ComCo SEA gave away gym bags for wellness; 2017 was about sustainability as we distributed metal straws which media friends highly commended; and in 2018, we had pen capsules crafted by a community as holiday gift to inspire creativity. For 2019, we thought of reaching out to a certain community and help them gain something from this humble project of ComCo.

A coffee that gives

Combining the love for coffee and empowering farmers up north, ComCo SEA came up with a unique portmanteau – ComCoffee.

Coffee has a special place in the hearts (and palette!) of most people, particularly the ones from good beans. When it comes to local coffee, the province of Benguet produces the best ones according to coffee experts. While the community is rich in this aspect, there is something that is lacking.

Water is a precious commodity for hardworking farmers of Benguet. However, people in La Trinidad, Benguet especially those who plant, and harvest coffee beans used to face water scarcity due to erratic weather, urbanization, and population growth. Thankfully, this problem is being alleviated by Bloom Coffee line of Henry and Sons, a coffee solutions company that supports the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence, which aims to help the farming communities in La Trinidad, Benguet.

With this heartwarming cause, ComCo opted for this coffee product as our holiday gift.

ComCo SEA purchased cans of Henry and Sons’ Bloom Coffee, The Giving Well variant for its holiday gifts to friends in the industry. For every can of The Giving Well sold, 50 pesos of the proceeds went to the solar-powered Atmospheric Water Generators which was given to the growing communities in La Trinidad. This helps address the scarcity of clean drinking water in the area.

ComCoffee with Cody

cody comco southeast asia virtual assistant
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A good coffee deserves to be paired with a nice mug. Hence, our gift set is composed of The Giving Well can and customized mug, packed in a ComCoffee-branded paperbag.

ComCo SEA went through a lot of deliberation on what would be the design for our mug featuring our new virtual assistant and brand representative, Cody. We had several samples until we got the perfect layout for Cody.

As much as ComCo SEA loves coffee, we also loved the idea of sharing a cup of goodness from our local farmers to our friends in the industry, knowing that we’re also helping the community in La Trinidad, Benguet. Although it may be a small amount considering the continuous need for clean drinking water of our farmers, it is also our way of promoting local products that have good cause.

Through this small act, ComCo SEA was able to share our thoughts and thanks with our friends in the industry and the same time, share the story of a community like La Trinidad, Benguet. Hopefully, more people and organizations can also share the story of Bloom Coffee, The Giving Well or do the similar initiatives.

Till the next ComColidays!


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